Why work or child is such a difficult choice for a woman

On the topic of how to combine work and home, has already written a lot of popular bestsellers. And if you try to quickly summarize their content, you’ll get something like: “Everything is possible, do not be afraid of anything, correctly calculate time management, and everything will work out for you”.

As a rule, such books appear in the format of trainings with tips, which, if translated into simple language, prepare a woman to carry out a laborious mission through life hacking, worldly wisdom and friendly encouragement in the spirit of “baby, you can”

Reading this should be an encouraging exercise, especially guided by examples of all kinds of celebrities, which, a couple of weeks after birth, are already returned “to the machine”, and a year later they decide on their second child. Then why does someone succeed, but someone does not?

Why work or child is such a difficult choice for a woman

According to statistics, today in Russia about 70% of women go to work when their child turns from one and a half to three years - here he is, at that very moment to buy a bestseller with invaluable advice.And in the Soviet Union it has always been this way, because women's emancipation translated into the language of daily labor was actually in the party program. Women were punished not only to build a happy future for their country, but also not to forget about their home, giving their time to their husband and children. Recalling those years with the lack of diapers, electric steam boilers and washing machines, many will say that today's task of combining life and career for a woman should turn around with a bang, because all the kitchen innovations and gadgets to help her, and in the case of a financially well-off layer of the population - also the army of cleaners and nannies.

But if you can afford to pay a whole staff of assistants with the fees of an actress of a super-popular series, then what you can’t buy for money, it’s an internal satisfaction that you gave one hundred percent in the task. It does not concern absolute non-perfectionists, but the society educates us to succeed in everything from school, so it’s not even absurd not to apply the highest requirements to such important areas as career and motherhood.It’s like in two astronomical hours to try to have time for the anniversary of the grandmother and the bachelorette party for the classmate: you looked everywhere, looked at everyone, hugged and congratulated, but left the exit with some strange and indescribable feeling of “not being present”, that is, fulfilled the plan, but more feet than heart. It is precisely this that scares many women at the stage of choosing “career vs child” - an overwhelming feeling that in the end you will not be able to make it anywhere, because the memory of “two hares is not stolen” from childhood.

Why work or child is such a difficult choice for a woman

Another influential aspect in the dilemma between career and childbirth is that all the bestsellers for successful moms and business women are gallantly silent - this is having a partner. And not just any adequate one, but one that will not need to be explained every morning why equality is quite a normal thing.

Even without your clue, he will perform half (or even more - all of a sudden his working day is shorter than yours?) Household duties and consider it something natural, something you don’t have to “pay back” him with passionate sex. after midnight or fishing holidays for the whole weekend.

And after all such reasonable men far not millions so, so,A worthy candidate must be found and then again asked for his opinion on the topic “But shall we not, dear, have a child?”.

So it turns out that this life is not so simple this life of superwomen - the big boss, the ideal spouse and supermoms. And it's not just about money for nannies and competent time management. Someone succeeds in having everything, and someone feels that his personal energy will be enough for just one quality job, and in addition there is an acute shortage in the society as a whole and the men in particular are ready to help and assist this.

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