Wide beaded bracelet

Today I want to show you how in 1 hour, possessing elementary skills of working with a regular needle, you can make such a simple, but at the same time, beautiful and fashionable bracelet

The bracelet is romantic and a bit pompous and can easily beautify and finish the simplest romantic image.

At first glance, the weaving of a wide bracelet with your own hands always seems rather complicated. In fact, it all depends on what kind of weaving technique you will use. We suggest you familiarize yourself with one of the most simple. But this does not mean that our accessory will turn out to be not as beautiful as other wide beaded bracelets! Take a look at the end result shown in the photo to make sure that your accessory will look just great!

Bracelet can be woven on a wire or fishing line. Choose yourself! It all depends on how you want to see your accessory. Someone likes it when the wrist straps gently round the wrists, but someone likes hard and massive bracelets. Both options look advantageous.There is more a matter of taste and preferences in clothes: soft bracelets look better on one, and massive on the other.

Now choose the beads and beads. We will need oblong beads similar to fig. You can take a few bright colors, then the bracelet will turn out very summer, and you can choose one or two classic colors, so that it would fit even into the evening backgammon. Use the same approach in choosing beads.

The scheme of weaving the bracelet is presented in the photo. As you can see, it is very easy to follow. Carefully study it and proceed. Weaving a bracelet will not take much time. The ends of crafts can be fastened with a special clasp, which can be purchased in any department for creativity. If you do not have the opportunity to find it, safely weave the ends of the product together (in case you use a fishing line) so that the bracelet can be worn through the hand.

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