Window Filters: Product Features and Installation

The principle of operation of air filters

In most window openings installed plastic windows. The ventilation system in them functions as follows:

  1. From the outer part of the window mount the air intake. Through it, air is sucked into the system due to the pressure difference in the street and in the house.
  2. The inner part of the air intake is a filter made of a special material that is designed not only to hold dust, but also heavy metals and other impurities harmful to health. From time to time the filter must be changed. The more polluted the air in the street, the more often it will have to be done. Usually the frequency of replacement is from 1 to 6 months.
  3. Air penetrates the inside of the window through the installed pipes, which do not allow frames to freeze in winter, because the window frame is made of metal profiles. Usually the tubes are included in the delivery and trimmed by the installer to the desired length during installation.
  4. Inside the window is a module through which purified air enters the room.In some cases, this system is combined with a window opening handle. Sometimes the ventilator is mounted separately. The hole in the upper part is closed with a plug. You can adjust the power of the air flow with the help of a special side slider.

Advantages of air window filters

  1. Simplicity of design.
  2. Reducing the noise level in the rooms. In fact, when using filters, the window remains closed, so street noise does not penetrate into the room.
  3. Elimination of drafts.
  4. Delay of dust, pollen and harmful impurities, which is especially important if there are children or allergies in the house.
  5. Protection against insects, including small black flies and mosquitoes.
  6. Security. Closed windows do not carry any danger for children. Residents of private houses or lower floors in apartment buildings with closed windows with filters provide additional protection against thieves.
  7. Stylish appearance. The filter system is almost invisible, because it is made of the same plastic as the window frames themselves.

It is important to remember that the filter is just an airing system. He does not know how to cool the air, so without the air conditioner in the heat of the cool it is necessary to forget.

Installation of air filters

The cost of the filtration system itself is from 3 thousand rubles. If you put it at the same time with new windows, then the installation work is usually already included in the check or the service is free, as a bonus. In other cases, you will have to call specialists to your house or install your own filtration system.

Included in the delivery must be:

  • external and internal filter assembly;
  • fasteners for fixing both parts of the unit;
  • tubes for window frames;
  • instruction with a detailed description of the installation process.

The most convenient option is to install the filter in place of the opening / closing knob. This is done so that there is no need to drill some additional holes.

At the very beginning of the installation you need to remove the handle from the frame. To do this, turn the plug at a right angle so that the screws are visible. They are twisted, after which the handle is easy to remove.

The filter is attached to the window and perform the necessary markup, including the points where it will be necessary to drill holes. The diameter of these holes for fasteners is usually 3 millimeters.

When marking the position of the tubes, it is not necessary to check everything up to a millimeter; it is enough only to sort out approximately where they will be located in the future.

The next step is to drill holes from the inside to the outside. It is important to hold the tool firmly and evenly so that the drill does not go to the side. Experienced specialists first make thin holes with a small drill, and then widen them to the desired diameter with a thicker one. If during drilling minor offsets are formed, this is not a tragedy. They will be further covered with decorative overlays.

As a result of drilling, one of the holes where the handle was held turns out to be somewhat larger. It will be used under the ventilator. Practice shows that the tube will still perfectly hold in the partitions of the profile.

Next, you need to remove all the teasers and burrs. This is easy to do with a regular stationery or construction knife. The removal of burrs ensures a better fit of the plastic linings and simplifies the installation of the tubes.

The inner part of the structure is applied to the place of its permanent location and fastened with two screws.In the outer part of the filter is inserted and also installed on the frame. To start the system, you just need to open the internal valve.

Light Filter Classification

There are 3 main types of filters:

  1. Open They are a dense woven canvas, which is fixed on the ceiling or wall near the window.
  2. Cassette - classic filter filters for plastic windows, which look like a decorative frame-box mounted in the window opening. The fabric web is fixed on the inner guides.
  3. Attic. They are used on inclined windows and reliably protect the room from the sun thanks to the material moving along the strings-guides.

Mechanisms of light filters

It is possible to control the light filter mechanisms with a cord or special chain, with a spring and automatically. In the first two cases, the main part is the shaft on which the fabric material is wound. To raise or lower the canvas, just pull the cord or chain.

The spring mechanism is based on the principle of return. If you pull the edge of the canvas, the glass will open. Automatic mechanisms are based on electric motors, which can be controlled using a remote control.Such filters are often equipped with a timer or light sensor.

Installation of light filters

Installation of light filters on the windows to make yourself quite easily. Typically, the structure is fixed to the wall, ceiling, window opening, or the window itself with the included fasteners.

Cassette light filters are mounted near the window glass. You can fix the structure in three ways: double-sided tape, glue or fasteners. In the latter case, it is better to trust the specialists, since a non-professional can simply damage the glass unit.

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