Winter Health: 7 Tips on Vitamins

It has long been known that vitamins have a beneficial effect on the body. But there are so many of them! Who, when and what vitamins to take, a big question. Catherine Price in his book "Vitamin" reveals the secrets of vitamins and makes recommendations for those who want to get all the nutrients and maintain health for many years.
Vitamins in winter, prevention of flu and colds
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Vitamin A against blindness

Of course, a carrot will not help to improve vision, if you have severe myopia. But it can completely save from real blindness. Lack of vitamin A leads to a terrible disease - food blindness: first, a person stops seeing at dusk, and then loses his sight completely. The first sign - discomfort and dry eyes in bright sunlight. Then these symptoms begin to appear in the evenings. The ability to moisten the cornea gradually disappears, which, due to a lack of lubrication, becomes covered by dead cells, becomes coarse and dry, and ultimately ulcers appear on it.Due to a critical vitamin deficiency, the cornea can become cloudy and blindness will come in one day!

CouncilTake vitamin A in sufficient quantities (like vitamin or eat meat, drink milk, fish oil) so that there is no vitamin deficiency. Interestingly, food blindness is treated as quickly as it occurs: one or two capsules of vitamin are enough - and after a day of illness, it has not happened.

How not to lose vitamins

Almost all currently known vitamins found in food are destroyed during heat treatment (for example, during cooking) or if they are stored for a long time. So last year's lemon will not become the keeper of the ascorbinka. Vitamins are lost when heated, due to high humidity and in the open air, in the light or simply because a lot of time has passed. Vitamin C is especially difficult to store: almost everything adversely affects it.

CouncilGive preference to fresh vegetables and fruits and store food properly: in a dry, cool room and without access to light (in a pantry, cupboard or refrigerator).

Vitamins in winter, prevention of flu and colds
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Pregnancy and Schizophrenia

During World War II, a so-called natural experiment took place on tens of thousands of people, which cannot be organized for ethical and moral reasons.In the winter of 1944 a cold winter stood out in the Netherlands, and since the war caused food shortages, a terrible famine began. But scientists, even in such a situation, did not abandon science and kept detailed records. As a result, today we have the most valuable material that proves: poor nutrition during pregnancy is the cause of schizophrenia, depression and nervous diseases, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels that can develop in the fetus.

Vitamin B9, or folic acid, plays a huge role in closing the embryonic neural tube, which contains both the brain and the spinal cord of a child. If at the time of conception a woman has a B9 deficiency, the tube will not close completely, which will damage the nervous system and even the death of the fetus. In addition, during pregnancy, it is also necessary to maintain the level of this vitamin in order to prevent other defects.

CouncilWomen who are going to have a baby in the near future need to take enough vitamin B9 and consume products containing it: greens, beans, meat, nuts, citrus juice. During pregnancy, you need to consult a doctor: if necessary, he will prescribe vitamins and dietary supplements with folic acid.

Hidden fasting

According to statistics, more than 2 billion people on the planet suffer from hidden starvation: they get enough calories (and can even be fat), but the food still does not give them nutrients. Almost a third of the world's population receives less nutrients due to poor or improperly organized diet: for example, if you consume 2000 calories per day (the norm for an adult), but take them all from rice and tea, as in poor Asian countries, then beneficial vitamins and minerals will not be satisfied.

CouncilMake sure your diet is balanced: protein, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You can’t eat only sweet food all day long or meat only - harmony is needed.

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