Winter season style: knitted "boho"

By: Angela Chenina

I continue to share collections of the most interesting photos I have found. This time I decided to stop at the boho-style, but, in continuation of the last publication about knitted things, I wanted to pick up boho-clothes in the variants using knitwear and hand knitting. Honestly, boho was not among my favorite styles of clothing, so my view of the abundance found remains fresh.

What do I really like about this style?

First of all - femininity and convenience, flying silhouettes. These outfits do not hold down movements, and therefore, for all their spaciousness, they can emphasize feminine plastics, beautiful posture. And it is not at all necessary to be slim, like a young fashion model, to be feminine in such dresses. Boho as if specially created in order to show creative imagination. Unusual ways of finishing things (including ready-made, simple and familiar), laces - such different laces, and hand-knitted, and the finest machine, and guipure,and embroidered fabrics; embroidery - infinitely diverse embroideries, which I showed in past publications, are quite applicable for decorating the items of the Bocho-style; knitwear with its infinitely varied textures and openwork (the main theme of this collection); combinations with printed fabrics, and the thinnest, and coarse-textured; the ability to complement the outfit with unusual, original decorations; the admissibility of eclecticism, the unification of the “incompatible” together - all this, of course, is a consolation for the creative soul 🙂

The ability to create stylish, unique, imaginative sets based on the usual things of a conventional wardrobe is also a big plus.

There are a couple of features of this particular style that seemed to me very important.
In the boho style with its eclecticism, color harmony is especially important. Forget about this rule - and the whole integrity of the image can crumble.

And more importantly, so that the spacious outfits do not look baggy and shapeless, so that the figure does not disappear under them, it is very important to observe the proportions of the silhouette. In my impression of a multitude of photographs, it is best when the “center of gravity” of such outfits is in the chest or shoulders area, when the silhouette makes it possible to outline the curves of the figure.

Here are some of these observations. And now - actually, a selection of 🙂

There is something Japanese about it, right? ..

It's funny, but spectacular улицы Of course, it’s not suitable for the street, but for, say, the festival:

By the way, in my opinion, here is a good example of non-compliance with the proportions of the silhouette - and, it seems, not so much in the outfit itself, but in the way it is served in a particular frame. Specially put in this picture for example. Still, intentionally crumpled clasp, shapelessness in the hips - in my opinion, is superfluous. A little more careful - it would be better to look ... well, of course, this is a purely personal opinion. By the way, shoes! Pay attention - on the most cute examples of boho-style shoes, most often, looks very neat.

Not knitwear, but could not resist the temptation to show. 1001st way to use lace trim! 🙂 But a good idea.

Look how elegant this outfit looks - it would seem, everything is hidden, but - the posture, beautiful plastic, silhouette of the figure is femininity!

As a jewelry designer, I immediately paid attention to this tiara-feronniere.

Notice how interesting the cuffs are. Lowered loops forming an openwork pattern.


Oh, how beautiful! Just a Hollywood look.

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