Wire Snood

Every experienced angler, already in the summer, prepares for winter fishing in advance. He sets up tackles, repairs baits and makes homemade fishing with his own hands. Purchased lures can be beautiful and catchy, but the tackles made with your own hands are much more interesting and free time is something to spend. Today we will try to make a home-made wire from the wire, which is sure to show good results in winter fishing. The following materials will be needed for making wire snuffers: • copper wire (any diameter up to 0.5 mm can be used); • lead or tin; • pin or piece of steel wire; • nippers; • passatizhi; • office knife; • hook; • beads (color can be changed at will).
Wire mink
The process of making a winter snake from wire: 1. It is necessary to wind several strands of wire on pliers or you can use sushi sticks. 2.We cut off excess pieces of wire and get a piece for the future bait.  Mormyshka from wire
 Mormyshka from wire
3. Take a wooden bar and use a pin to attach the wire rod as shown in the photo. 4. We insert a fish hook into the future mormyshka and fix it with sewing needles or ordinary wire. 5. We drown lead on the fire and pour it into the wire mormyshka. It turns out an inaccurate bait model that needs to be processed with the help of pliers - to separate the excess lead and modify it with a file so that it is beautiful.
 Mormyshka from wire
 Mormyshka from wire
Mormyshka from wire
 Mormyshka from wire
6. Put on the hook multi-colored beads (in this case, yellow and brown) and pass through the fishing forest.
Mormyshka from wire
 Mormyshka from wire
Winter mormyshka from wire is ready for use on the pond. It remains only to wait for the cold and strong ice and you can go for a trophy fish. I wish you all successful and successful fishing! Invent and independently make fishing lures!
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