With this trick, you can easily dye yarn at home.

It happens that it is impossible to buy the yarn of the desired color, and sectional dyeing is very expensive. In this case, a small trick on home dyeing of plain white yarn (silk or wool) comes to the exit. With it, you can dye yarn in any color you want or even make a gradient transition with several colors - in short, this is a real field for experiments!

The work will require the following materials:

  • white natural yarn;
  • food coloring (liquid or dry);
  • vinegar 9%;
  • three (or more) half-liter glass jars (depending on how much you need to paint);
  • gloves;
  • water.

Getting to the staining:

1. First of all, you should fill the jars with water (2/3) and add 1.5 tbs to each. l. vinegar. After that, add dyes to each jar (the more, the brighter the color - here you need to experiment).In the meantime, the yarn should be soaked in warm water for a couple of minutes.

2. We work in gloves! If the yarn needs to be dyed in several colors, then visually divide it into pieces and dip into dyes. If you need a smooth transition, then mix the colors from two adjacent cans and saturate them with fabric. After this, put the jars of yarn in a microwave with a capacity of 600 for 5 minutes (should be guided by their technique). The water should boil, but do not boil it. After that, yarn with banks should be obtained. You may need to turn on the microwave several times. Indicator - the color of water in banks. Water should be transparent, and dye - go to the yarn.

At the end of the work, let the yarn cool in the jars, then rinse it (you can wash it, a small part of the dye will go away) and dry it. After that, freshly dyed yarn can be used in work!

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