Works by Canadian interior designer Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson, a world-renowned designer and television personality, has transformed ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms along with Tommy Smythe, who is known for his subtle sense of style. Tommy has worked with Sarah Richardson as an integral member of her design team for over 10 years.

Sarah was born on October 22 in Toronto, in 1971. She began her career in 1994 as an assistant stylist. After that she started working as a TV presenter in design programs.

Her father taught the history of art and architecture at the city university, and her mother worked on the design of the old city. Thanks to her innate charm and unique design style, Sarah quickly became popular. At the moment, in great demand, as a TV presenter. Sarah is married, she has two daughters.

Sarah is known for her optimistic approach to creating elegant interior designs, she inspires and expands the possibilities of the audience, easily sharing tips.Her ability to attract and inspire audiences earned loyal fans all over the world.

Sarah has a lot to learn! I like her easy approach to design, her love for remaking vintage and antique furniture. It gives a feeling of comfort, as if this furniture has always been here. She tells how to correctly distribute the budget, where it is better to choose expensive material, even to the detriment of the budget, and on what you can save. The starting point in creating the interior, which is the most interesting, is textiles, or one item of some color! She chooses an original and interesting pattern of fabric, selects fabrics for her that support the color scheme of the main fabric. Different colors are selected for these colors: stripes, square, polka dots and others, the main thing is for the colors to repeat.

Here are some photos of Sarah Richardson's design. Enjoy! It really inspires.

At the table and chair legs amazing.

Magic furniture, headboards beside the bed in general are always luxurious.

Harmony and comfort in every pixel.

Stunning atmospheric interiors

Very cool! Beauty in simplicity and comfort.

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